NBA 2k19 Has The Weirdest Bug Fix I’ve Ever Seen

Scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came across the below fix for an NBA 2k19 save loading issue. I had to double check that it wasn’t satire, and low and behold, it isn’t.

For people that are having issue loading their save, 2K asks players to ask a friend to invite them to ‘Ante-Up’. You then need to change your hairstyle for your character VIA the edit appearance menu. This can apparently also cause your character’s hair to disappear, but there’s another fix for that.

If you don’t have a friend playing the game, then I guess you’re out of luck?

What’s even more hilarious is the fact that 2K is calling it an ‘easy workaround’ on their website. 

‘We’re aware of an issue where players are experiencing a freeze after their MyCAREER file loads and progresses to 100%.

For those of you in that situation, try this easy workaround:

  1. Have a friend invite you to Ante-Up.
  2. While in the Ante-Up arena, change your hairstyle.

Please change your hairstyle within the Ante-Up arena via the MyPLAYER menu (MyPLAYER > MyPLAYER Appearance) and reset your hair to the default look. If you don’t do this within the arena —and change your hairstyle outside the Ante-Up arena (this includes going to Doc’s)— it could result in your MyPLAYER becoming invisible or cause your game to crash. Please don’t exit the Ante-Up arena before you change your hairstyle.

If your MyPLAYER character has become invisible, simply change your hairstyle in MyPLAYER > MyPLAYER Appearance right after you have loaded your MyCAREER file.’