Anthem’s Public Demo Has Been Confirmed For The Start Of February

There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding the demo periods for BioWare’s upcoming action role-playing game, and the developer, best known for their Mass Effect series, has, at last, lifted the lid on when players will be able to dive into the world of Anthem.

There are two limited-time windows of play planned for gamers at this stage. The first comes for those who have placed some faith in BioWare’s ability to deliver, as customers who have pre-ordered Anthem will be able to play for the duration of the weekend that begins Friday, January 25. This session is also open to subscribers of EA and Origin Access.

The second planned Anthem demo begins on February 1 and is open to everybody. Again, it lasts only the weekend, so plan for it and use your time wisely. It’s been confirmed that players will enter the demo already ranked to level ten, with the possibility to grind out five more levels before hitting the demo’s cap.

Of course, this progress won’t carry over to the game’s official launch.

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Anthem is slated for launch on February 22, 2019.