PS5 Upside Down

The Head Of PlayStation Studios Uses His PS5 Upside Down

Hermen Hulst, who is the head of PlayStation Studios (formerly the Head of Guerrila Games) Tweeted out a questionable image of his PS5 last night before quickly deleting it.

The picture had his PS5 upside down on his entertainment unit (and a cat scratching at his TV screen which we wouldn’t recommend either). It’s a bit of a weird one, and I’d genuinely love to know the reason why it’s upside down.

The PS5 is turned on as well, so it’s not as if it were quickly placed down as a prop for a photo. Many people think that the PS5 looks better this way as the disc drive is closer to the top.

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The picture was quickly replaced with an image of the console cropped out and obviously with it being the internet, it wasn’t going to go away quietly.