The Good Guys

The Good Guys Is Cancelling PS5 Orders And Offering A Credit As An Apology

Earlier this week The Good Guys opened up orders for the PS5 and Xbox Series X but unfortunately it turned out too good to be true.

In an email sent to those who got an order in, the company has said that they saw an overwhelming response for PS5 orders and are not able to secure to stock from Sony.

They are now refunding all who ordered within 3-5 working days and have provided a $100 store credit that can be either either in-store and online.

The Good Guys has also said that they will put anybody who ordered a console on a priority list for stock received in the future, and will contact them as soon as they have stock available (but obviously can not let people know when this will take place).

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It’s unclear if this affects all those that got orders in for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but it seems likely at this point.

We’ll keep you posted if any other stores open up pre-orders as the hunt for next-gen consoles continue.