PlayStation Seems To Be Introducing Game Trials For Some PS5 Games

Though they’re not available locally in Australia just yet, the fact that PlayStation is beginning to offer timed trials on select PlayStation 5 games in the UK suggests they might be shifting toward that model on a larger scale and for more regions.

As reported at Eurogamer, the feature, available in the UK only at this stage, is called Game Trials and features two games so far: Death Stranding Director’s Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Unlike EA Play’s pre-launch trials which offer a set, cumulative allowance of ten hours to try out new titles, PlayStation’s Game Trials appear to vary. Death Stranding’s trial offers six hours of play, while Sackboy’s offers just five. And the most damning fine print in the terms and conditions, which would no doubt prove bothersome for our internet infrastructure if the feature makes its way here, is that the trial period commences as soon as you click download trial.

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Here’s a look at Sackboy’s store page, which now offers the option, as well as the terms and conditions mentioned:

Photo credit: Eurogamer.
Photo credit: Eurogamer.

The feature is limited to one trial per account per game, with Game Trials only applying to the PlayStation 5 versions of the selected games. The trials are only available, at this stage, until the end of October for the UK, so perhaps once that’s elapsed we’ll see a wider rollout.

If the feature does make it to Australia, I do hope Sony walks back the decision to have the trial timer start the second you hit download because that’ll make it unfeasible for a lot of Australians to even consider the feature.

(Thanks, Eurogamer.)