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Sushi Ben Is Finally Coming To PlayStation VR2 Next Week

Roll it out.

After launching late last year for the Meta Quest and PC, the quirky and cosy VR adventure, Sushi Ben, is finally making its way to the PlayStation VR2 very soon on May 28th.

In case you’d missed it up to this point, Sushi Ben is a slice-of-life adventure inspired by Japanese manga and tasking players with saving a sushi restaurant in peril by engaging with the local community in a number of tasks and activities. Written by Hato Moa, the creator of the delightful pigeon-dating simulator, Hatoful Boyfriend, it does some neat things with storytelling in the VR space.

Obviously the big draw is Sushi Ben’s VR fishing gameplay, but there are a number of other minigames and fun things to discover as you meet and help the locals in the game’s seaside town.

Sushi Ben’s earned a lot of praise since its initial launch, so if you’ve got a PlayStation VR2 and you’re looking for a chill, charming and unique experience, you’d do well to check it out when it drops next week. The PlayStation Blog has a heap more insight into the game, its inspiration and development, and what to expect from it, so read that here.

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You can also take a look at a release date trailer for the game below:

Sushi Ben features:

  • So. Many. Activities. – Fish, catch bugs, walk dogs – maybe even hunt some ghosts…?
  • Immersive 3D Manga Panels – Live your dream as the main character in a manga with these next-level visuals.
  • Chill AF Gaming – Kick back in a serene Japanese town while vibing to some smooth guitar tunes.
  • Full Japanese Voice Acting – Hear your favorite characters come to life with voices from stars like Chiaki Takahashi, Show Hayami, and Hideyuki Tanaka.
  • Player Inclusive Experience – Customize your look and how you move.
  • Comfy Gameplay – Adjust your play area and choose between sitting or standing.