LG 2020

LG’s 2020 TV Lineup Australian Pricing And Features Revealed

After a strong showing at CES 2020, LG has revealed the pricing and release details for 27 new TV models that will hit Australia over the coming weeks.

In total, there will be two OLED 8K TVs ranging from 77″-88″, five 4K OLED TVs ranging from 55″-77″ (sadly, the 48″ 4K OLED that a lot of gamers were looking forward to won’t be hitting Australia), four Nanocell 8K TVs ranging from 65″-75″, eight Nanocell 4K TVs ranging from 55″-86″ and LG’s new line of 4K OLED Gallery TVs that are 55″-77″ in size.

There’s big improvements for gamers with Nvidia G-Sync being available on the ZX, GX, CX and BX OLED models. A new Filmmaker mode will adjust the picture, automatically turning off motion smoothing so that you can enjoy films how they were intended. The TVs also support Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmoas. The brand new A9 Gen 3 AI processor will help bring you a better picture than ever. For instance, it can upscale content to 4K/8K and automatically adjust brightness/contrast to bring you the best image. As with last year’s models, you’ll get Apple AirPlay 2, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and HomeKit built in.


Range Model Code RRP
OLED 8K OLED88ZX $71,999
OLED77ZX $35,999
OLED65GX $5,999
OLED55GX $4,139
4K OLED OLED77CX $10,199
OLED65CX $5,399
OLED55CX $3,959
OLED65BX $4,799
OLED55BX $3,599
NANOCELL 8K 75NANO99 $10,199
65NANO99 $7,199
75NANO95 $7,799
65NANO95 $5,399
NANOCELL 4K 86NANO91 $7,439
75NANO91 $5,039
65NANO91 $3,239
75NANO85 $4,199
65NANO86 $2,759
55NANO86 $2,159
65NANO80 $2,279
55NANO80 $1,799