The Meta Quest Pro Has Been Revealed And It’s Super Expensive

The Australian price and release date.

Meta (Facebook) has revealed the long rumoured Meta Quest Pro overnight. It’s set to release on October 25th with pre-orders available now, and it’s priced at $2,450. We knew it’d be expensive, but didn’t expect quite that big of a jump from the Meta Quest 2.

This is a very high end mixed reality VR headset and one that Meta says is being aimed at productivity with Meta having the vision that it will replace computers and tablets. Basically the headset is a mixed reality headset with full colour pass through that will let you play existing Meta Quest games as well as view a virtual work station (or apps) right in your home space.

The headset is much slimmer and lighter, has full high resolution colour pass through, crisp LCD displays, eye tracking and the ability to provide natural face expressions through its high quality cameras. You can expect 37% more pixels than the Meta Quest 2 which makes tasks such as reading text or making games even better. There’s also a 75% in contrast in the display.

The new self tracking controllers are called the Meta Quest Touch Controllers and will be compatible with both the Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2. They feature in-built batteries and wireless charging and no longer need the rings to be tracked as they’re tracked with three sensors in each controller which will make for even better tracking. Similarly, to PlayStation VR2 they have TruTouch Haptics built in so that you can feel the haptics in the controllers. The controllers will be available included with the Meta Quest Pro or available separately for $299 USD (~$476 AUD).

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Meta Quest Pro Controllers

A number of accessories were also confirmed for the Meta Quest Pro which you can see below:

  • Meta Quest Pro Compact Charging Dock ($79.99 USD, out October 25): This two-in-one dock charges your Touch Pro controllers and any Meta Quest headset with a USB-C connection. A 45W USB-C power adapter is included.
  • Meta Quest Pro Full Light Blocker ($49.99 USD, out November 22): A full light-blocking facial interface that easily attaches to Meta Quest Pro for a more immersive experience.
  • Meta Quest Pro VR Earphones ($49.99 USD, out October 25): Tune out background noise and step into a high-fidelity audio experience with a customized fit. Works with the light blocking accessories in place. Separate right and left earphones can connect to either side of the headset, which helps prevent cables from crossing over one another in your field of view.
  • Meta Quest Pro Carry Case from Incase ($119.95 USD, out October 25): A custom-fit inner shell with interior pockets securely stores your Meta Quest Pro and accessories. A lightweight outer shell provides on-the-go protection.