Xbox Series X

Xbox ANZ Is Teasing Something Xbox Series X Related And Here Are Our Wild Guesses

Xbox ANZ has started teasing some kind of campaign on social media earlier today. Given the hashtag is #PowerYourDreams, it’s obviously something related to Xbox Series X/S.

They’re not giving much away at this point outside of the coordinates that lead to the main town pier on a lake in Queenstown.

~let the wild theories begin~.

The lake is significant because, as you might remember, the original Xbox Series X reveal featured a console floating over the lake. This could literally be pointing towards anything, but just for fun, here are five things that we think it could be:

  1. An Xbox Series X hunt across Australia and New Zealand.
  2. More Xbox Series X consoles are going to pop up in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  3. Xbox Series X shaped fridges are going to pop up slinging energy drinks all over the place.
  4. A giant Xbox Series X is going to fall from the sky in Queenstown bringing thousands of parachuting Xbox Series X consoles with it.
  5. Queenstown is being renamed ‘Big Phil City’.

Whilst you wait for the cheeky team over at Xbox ANZ to reveal what they’ve been cooking up, go and read our Xbox Series X preview. 

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