This Xbox Series S Screen Is A Super Clever Aussie Invention

Crowdfunded in less than twenty minutes, the xScreen for the Xbox Series S is a game-changing peripheral that will allow Xbox players to play anywhere with a laptop-like gaming experience. Designed by Aussie start-up UPspec Gaming, the xScreen is a compact 11.6-inch 1080p screen that attaches seamlessly to the Xbox Series S console.

This creates a single cohesive unit that can be easily transported and used anywhere with access to a power outlet. The device also matches the aesthetics of the console, converting the Xbox Series S into a stylish laptop form factor without compromising access to the power supply or storage expansion slot on the back.

Weighing only 695g and sized to fit the Series S when closed, the conservative design of the xScreen ensures that it can be easily transported in any standard backpack when attached to the console. In addition, because the screen itself is powered via USB and HDMI, the only cable necessary is the original figure-8 power cable that came with your Xbox Series S.

The $13,000AUD Kickstarter goal was swiftly met by over 250 backers in just twenty minutes earlier today but there are still early bird rewards available for prospective backers. Starting at $249AUD, you can pick up a bundle including one screen as well as exclusive green latches. This price, however, excludes shipping.

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