Aliens: Fireteam Elite Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Xbox has announced that Aliens: Fireteam Elite is coming to Xbox Game Pass on December 14th. The game will launch on the service on both Xbox & Windows PC meaning that cross play will be available across both platforms.

The game lets you play alongside two other players and has an entire story for you to experience.

Aliens Fireteam Elite has a decent amount of content right now, but it’s also set to get three free major content upgrades in the next year which means that those will also come to the Xbox Game Pass version of the game.

We gave the game a 5/10 in our review, but on Xbox Game Pass it’s definitely worth jumping in with friends.

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In our review, we said: “Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a disappointment. Even as an avid fan of the franchise, the fun to be had here is limited. Misguided design, hamstrung presentation and painfully repetitive gameplay suck the fun out of what is, on paper, a promising game. I’d love to have had a meaty, cooperative survival game to play with friends, an escalating challenge that gradually expected more of me as a player, with a story more than just serviceable in moving from one mission to the next. This time, I’m only screaming in frustration.”

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