EB Games has announced that they’ll be selling Mass Effect: Andromeda for $59 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. You’ll need to trade in a PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch game in order to get this price.

It’s unclear if you can literally take in ANY PS4 or Xbox One game, but we’d expect that there has to be some limitations. If you can trade in anything then this deal might actually be half decent.

Alternatively, you can head to our Mass Effect: Andromeda bargain guide to check out other retailer prices.

  • Luke Jones

    Yes any game traded skyrim se on PS4 for Xbox ME:A today

  • Riley Walsh

    You can literally trade in any game, I traded in the original Destiny for Xbox One (which is worth $5) and got the game for $59. Can’t help but feel like I’m ripping them off!