Big W and Target are both having a big week when it comes to PlayStation deals. The highlight is definitely the PlayStation 4 Pro and Horizon Zero Dawn for $499. Target’s price already seems to be in effect whilst Big W’s starts on the 18th of May.

There’s a number of other good deals which we’ve highlighted below.


PS4 Slim 500gb + Extra DualShock 4 – $319
PS4 Pro + Horizon Zero Dawn – $499
PS4 Slim 1TB – $291

Big W

PS4 Pro + Horizon Zero Dawn – $499
PS4 1TB + DualShock 4 + Horizon Zero Dawn – $399

  • Ben Steelman

    How is a $400 PS4 Pro + a $60 game running you $500 a good deal? What am I missing here?

    Edit: Sike, just noticed this is an Australian site and I for whatever reason thought “Big W” referred to WalMart. Not sure how Koalabux convert but please continue