E3 Countdown: Battlefield V

In the lead-up to E3, we’re counting down with our most anticipated titles. You can find out when all the press conferences are taking place in Australian/NZ times HERE.

It’s already attracting plenty of attention – for good and for bad – but Battlefield V is still due for a full reveal during EA’s 2018 E3 conference. Much like Battlefield 1 and Battlefront II before it, we’ll likely see substantial multiplayer gameplay showing off the new mechanics in the sixteenth instalment of the franchise.

A returning World War II setting, more War Stories, added modes and reimagined systems may go a long way to win over fans old and new, but DICE and EA’s response to the microtransaction controversy ought to be praised the most. Battlefield V will not have a Premium Pass or any loot boxes. Microtransactions won’t include anything that affects gameplay with a focus on cosmetic items allowing you to customise the appearance of your character, weapons and vehicles.

It’s all promising news and a positive reaction to public criticism of Battlefront II’s loot boxes and microtransactions. Personally, I can’t wait to see more.


After reports the game would be called Battlefield V and set in WWII on March 2nd, the game was officially announced on May 17, with a major reveal – including information on all the major changes – on May 24th.


We’ll see it on stage during EA’s 2018 E3 conference and throughout their EA Play event attached to E3. Attendees will also be able to get hands-on with the multiplayer at the event.


We already have a release date. Battlefield V will release on October 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s important to note however, EA Access members will be able to get their hands on the game from October 11, while the game’s Deluxe Edition will launch on October 16.


Of course, it is not just Call of Duty that fronts up against Battlefield nowadays; the popularity of Battle Royale, whether it be in Fortnite or PUBG, is claiming victims left, right and centre. We’ve already seen an immediate response from Call of Duty with Black Ops IIII including a Battle Royale mode of its own. But how Battlefield V will face up to this new competitor, other than the already announced system changes, remains to be seen.

Battlefield V’s Tides of War sounds similar to the seasonal content we’ve become accustomed to in Overwatch and Fortnite and suggests the game will still be heavily supported without a Premium Pass. We already know the first will run from November until early 2019, and focus on the Fall of Europe, but what exactly might be included, and what might follow it, is still to be seen.

Otherwise, there’s not much more we can ask for; we’ve already seen so much.