Destiny 2’s Forsaken Shows Off A Powerful New Trailer

Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion, due in September, just got a brand new cinematic trailer during PlayStation’s conference, perhaps signalling that there’ll be more console-exclusive content on the way for Sony’s big black box.

But the trailer itself, while devoid of gameplay, showed the apparent execution of Nathan Fillion’s Cayde-6 by “Prince of the Reef” Uldren Sov, who appears to be returning after a long absence from the franchise. Of course, we’re not foolish enough to believe that this is the end for Cayde-6, who is arguably the best thing Destiny 2 had going for it in the first year.

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The brief look does add a bit of context for the expansion too, as this could be the Prison of Elders breakout, perhaps orchestrated of Uldren Sov himself, teased in the original reveal as we see the Barons escaping before the shot rings out, leaving everyone’s favourite Hunter down for the count.

The fate of Cayde-6 will be resolved and revealed once Forsaken drops in September, though it’s worth remembering that both Destiny 2 and its current two expansions are both required to play it.