Review Guidelines

Press Start would like to gladly share with readers our code of ethics in regards to reviews, scoring and gaming media in its whole.

ethicsIn terms of reviews: Press Start has not nor will not receive bribes or anything that will influence our final score. We DO however receive review copies in order to review a game before release thus making it more relevant and useful to our readers. We occasionally receive press kits that go with the game, but these are just extra trinkets we ignore since they aren’t relevant to the review. We do not hold personal relationships with any of these developers, PR people or publishers. We conduct ourselves professionally, as do they.

What follows is Press Start’s review guideline. We use a 10 point scale from 1-10

In regards to our reviews, we aim to have all reviews up in a timely matter taking into consideration how long the game is and when we can get our hands on it. We will never publish a review before being 100% sure that all of our opinions are backed up. Our reviews aren’t dictated by length but always aim to cover the specific features about the game that set it apart from other games, what does the game do right or wrong, who should buy the game and what has changed if the game is apart of a series.
scoring system
1/10: either shovelware or a game entirely devoid of purpose and positives. If a game hits a 1 at Press Start it’s for very good reasons. Do not buy.

2/10: Let’s not kid ourselves. You still wouldn’t buy a 2/10 and we wouldn’t recommend it. Not a complete disaster but we do not recommend playing at all.

3/10: Maybe contains enough content to warrant a completely dirt cheap purchase (we’re talking Steam Sales after Steam Sales) but don’t expect to get anything beneficial out of playing it.

4/10: May contain some unique characteristics but again, not worth playing unless you are especially invested in the game in question or find it for very cheap.

5/10: A game that is completely average, run of the mill, or a game that is remarkably different but is brought down by crushing flaws. You should play a 5/10 depending on the game in question, but you should do so with caution.

6/10: A game that’s worth playing, if you’re willing to accept some bad flaws that could definitely hinder your enjoyment of it.

7/10: A game that’s good and definitely should warrant a playthrough, whether you want to pick it up on release or on a dirt cheap sale is dependent on the game in question. Obvious flaws detract from the experience.

8/10: A very well made, solid game that will obviously have a few flaws that shouldn’t subtract from the overall experience.

9/10: A game or an utterly unique experience that should definitely warrant a playthrough by everyone. Not perfect but any flaws can be ignored as they wouldn’t harm the game in the long run.

10/10: A masterpiece. A 10 does not mean perfection. A 10 means a game so dense, so unique or so ambitious that it absolutely deserves to be played by everyone. A 10 at Press Start is like a 1: if a game hits a 10, it’s for very good reasons. Must buy.

Under the Australian Journalists Association there follows a simple guideline that has to be followed (adjective used by default is his):

  • To report and interpret news with a scrupulous honesty.
  • To neither suppress essential facts nor distort the truth by omission or wrong or improper emphasis.
  • To respect all confidences received by him in the course of his calling.
  • Not to allow his personal interests to influence him in the discharge of his duties, nor to accept or offer any present, gift or consideration, or benefit or advantage of whatsoever kind that may have the effect of so benefiting him.
  • To use only fair and honest means to obtain news, pictures and documents.
  • Always to reveal his identity as a representative of the press before obtaining any personal interview for the purpose of using it for publication.
  • To do his utmost to maintain full confidence in the integrity and dignity of the calling of a journalist.

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