Spider-Man Shows Off An Impressive Rogue’s Gallery

Sony’s showing of Spider-Man wasted no time bringing the thunder, literally. Beginning with Electro, the trailer quickly deals out a number of Peter Parker’s infamous rogue gallery. We get a look at Rhino and Scorpion as the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man fights his way through a prison to thwart a break-out.

The gameplay-intensive showing looked phenomenal as a number of the game’s set pieces were brought to life in incredible fashion as Spider-Man chases Electro across the skyline before being intercepted by Vulture, yet another in a staggering line-up of bad guys. We even get a look at Mr Negative as the band of big bads gather around a hapless Spider-Man.

It’s a lot of villains, but unlike Sam Raimi’s torrid third film, they’re all welcome here.

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The game definitely screams Sucker Punch with its smooth, seamless gameplay. The stakes certainly appear to be high as Spider-Man struggles to overthrow his rogue’s gallery as the trailer ends on a delicious cliffhanger. Theories have already begun to emerge as to who the mysterious figure is, with Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus being the likely contenders to round out the Sinister Six.

Either way, the epic trailer has done everything it can to ensure that we’ll all want to be there day one when the adventure begins.

Of course, Spider-Man is due out September 7 for PlayStation 4.