Journey’s Creator Has A New Game Coming To Apple Devices Next Month

Thatgamecompany is best known for their beautiful and melancholic exploration game Journey, but their next project, Sky: Children of the Light is coming a bit sooner than many might have thought.

Granted, the game has been in open beta for some time, so it’s finally good to get a solid release date for the game’s official rollout. Sky, which has been described as a social exploration game, perhaps in a similar way to Journey, is set to arrive for iOS and Apple TV users on July 11. You’re able to pre-order the free game (I know) on the App Store right now.

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The game sure is pretty as it appears to broaden Journey’s core ideas of exploration, making meaningful connections within a game space while appealing to a mass audience with rather basic mechanics. The game is expected to grow with more adventures and seasonal material post-launch.

Being that Sky is an Apple-device exclusive, it’s fair to assume there are no plans to bring it to Android or other platforms just yet.