Our Most Anticipated Games Of March

Team Picks is Press-Start Australia’s monthly feature where members of the team get together to tell you about their most anticipated games of the upcoming month. This month we have the oft delayed The Division finally releasing as well as some quieter titles like the controversial Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 and long awaited remaster of the PC adventure classic, Day of the Tentacle.

Why not join in? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the comments, or better yet, what you plan on picking up during this quiet month.[divider] [/divider]


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD – I’m extremely excited about The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. The Wii was one of my most anticipated consoles of all time and this incredible game was obviously a launch title. I haven’t had the opportunity to play it since launch and even then, it was hard to pull myself away from Wii Sports to fully immerse myself in the world. The Amiibo functionality is also incredibly interesting and i’m excited to see how it ends up.

[divider][/divider]TeamPicksMarch-JakeBTom Clancy’s: The Division -The beta Ubisoft released for their upcoming “The Division” would have to one of the best and most fun experiences I have had during a Beta testing (I know…big call). I can not wait to see what the full game is like and whether it will live up to all the hype and long wait. If the Beta is anything to go on, I can confidently say I will be spending countless hours exploring toolboxes and fridges for random loot, pretending to be someone’s friend before stabbing them in the back and stealing their riches, shouting profanities at my screen when someone then does that to me, and spending way too long deciding on whether I should equip the “Trendy Hiking Jacket” or the “Modern Sports Coat”. Needless to say…The Division better bring the goods.[divider] [/divider]

TeamPicksMarch-MatthewHyrule Warriors: Legends – Deep down I’ve always had a soft spot for the Dynasty Warriors series, with it’s eclectic and chaotic mix of combat and story, and as it seems unlikely that I will buy a Wii U I’m glad this game is going portable. A completely different spin on the ‘traditional’ Legend of Zelda series (and change is good, right?) and adding new playable characters to the roster (forget Linkle, I WANT TO PLAY AS THE SKULL KID) Hyrule Warriors Legends seems like the perfect game for the 3DS, something that can be easily picked up and put down whenever a player feels like it.[divider] [/divider]

TeamPicksMarch-MehdiTom Clancy’s The Division – Based on discussions with the team I reckon this might not be the only mention of this game in our staff picks this month, but from what I played Massive and Ubisoft have simply outdone themselves. I’ve been very hesitant about the game since it’s announcement, but The Division is looking like it’s going to live up to the expectations that I’ve had for the game for quite a while now. The setting, gameplay and teamplay are looking like The Division will be keeping me busy for quite some time![divider] [/divider]

TeamPicksMarch-StevenDay Of The Tentacle Remastered – I completely missed the boat on the golden age of PC adventure games. The greats like King’s Quest, Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island and Full Throttle flew entirely under my radar when I was too young and too console oriented to appreciate them. Thanks to Telltale’s Sam & Max revival I discovered the joy of a good PC adventure, and have since been able to catch up on a few of the classics. Day of the Tentacle is a game that I have heard great things about for years and years, but I’ve never gotten around to finding a copy and working out hoe to get it working on a modern computer. An enhanced port on modern platforms could be the opportunity I need to finally give the game a try, and understand the praise lavished on it by fans.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division – Ubisoft bias be damned, despite the company’s inability to impress me in the last few years, alienating consumers alike with shoddy practices, I gave the division a chance with the open beta. And it blew me away. Consider me, the harshest of Ubisoft critics, just about sold. Obviously there will be a lot of issues come launch day, but I’m very excited and very hopeful. Ubisoft, don’t let me down.

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TeamPicksMarch-JakeAThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD -As far as Zelda games go Twilight Princess was easily the Zelda game that needed a makeover and what better year to receive it than the 30th anniversary of the series. This HD remaster is taking advantage of the Wii U Gamepad, shortening the more tedious in game experiences and adding entirely new content as well as a new Wolf Link Amiibo. If there was one game to hold me over until the new Zelda Wii U this is is!

[divider] [/divider]So that’s all from us, but what about you? What games are you looking forward to this February? Did we miss your favourite?