Our Most Anticipated Games Of November

Release Date: Wednesday, November 2nd
Platforms: PC

A game literally years in the making, Owlboy lets players take to the sky to explore a world in the clouds. Pick up your friends and use their abilities to help you explore the open skies and explore infested ruins.

Damian said: “As crazy as it sounds, Owlboy has now been in production for almost ten years. With the game’s release date looming closer, I can’t even begin to imagine the mixed emotions the developers must currently be feeling. With a picturesque pixel art style and developers who obviously care deeply about this project, I’m confident it will be worth the wait.

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Release Date: Friday, November 4th
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Infinity Ward brings back it’s “Warfare” series and takes it even further into space with some of the most famous faces ever. Kit Harington and Conor McGregor star as soldiers in a war that seemingly never ends.

Perhaps one to not completely alienate fans with the new futuristic direction, Activision and Raven have also worked together to remaster the original Modern Warfare, included with select editions.[divider] [/divider]

Release Date: Thursday, November 10th
Platforms: Playstation VR

Explore a mysterious world and uncover it’s secrets using the power of Playstation VR as you crash land on a mysterious planet. Powered by Crytek’s CRYENGINE, Robinson: The Journey promises some of the strongest visuals for the VR platform yet.

Shannon said: “The one game that I’ve been truly excited for since I picked up PlayStation VR. Ever since I saw Jurassic Park as a youngen, I’ve always dreamed about what it would be like to live in a world with dinosaurs. Robinson: The Journey will probably be the closest that I get to that fantasy. It’s also being developed by Crytek, so I’m sure it’ll be a great experience.”

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Release Date: Friday, November 11th
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Play as a supernatural assassin once again in a sequel that seeks to be a sequel in every sense of the word. More playable characters, more powers, a Southern European inspired locale and multiple ways to complete each mission both lethally and non-lethally.

Jake said:It took me a little while to get into the first game, but after that I was hooked! I loved the fighting freedom of Dishonoured and the choice whether to go stealth or let all hell break loose. Looking forward to have more fun with more powers this month!”

Seamus said:The original Dishonored is one of my favourite games of all time, and the sequel is my most anticipated game of 2016. I can’t wait to have two different experiences as Corvo and Emily, and have the opportunity to learn more about the beautiful and deep world of Dishonored that I fell in love with in the original game.

Matt said:I totally lost myself in the original, and ached for a sequel for so long. The mystical world of Dunwall was so different and amazing, combining a steampunk aesthetic with magic and mystery. I can’t wait to go back!

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Release Date: Tuesday, November 15th
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Pedestrian protagonist Aiden Pearce is tossed aside for a newer, edgier if not slightly obnoxious troupe of budding hackers. Moving the action from Chicago to a vibrant and high-tech world of San Francisco, Watch Dogs 2 looks to better the original game in many aspects.

Jake said:I’m just praying to the gaming gods that this game doesn’t turn out like the first one. The gameplay looks really good! But I’ve been sucked down this spiral of hopes and dreams before. Don’t let me down Watchdogs 2!”

Ewan said:Watch Dogs’ premise and concept, coupled with its very impressive reveal at E3 2012 had me incredibly excited. Unfortunately, that excitement quickly dissipated upon release. Sequels however typically have a good track record of righting wrongs and the tonal shift of Watch Dogs 2 along with its gameplay improvements seems promising. Fingers crossed!

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Release Date: Tuesday, November 15th
Platforms: Oculus Rift / Playstation VR / HTC Vive

An experience probably not possible to experience without VR, Eagle Flight sees players taking to the skies in aerial dogfights over a post-apocalyptic Paris that has been reclaimed by nature.

Jake said:…why is this a thing?

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Release Date: Thursday, November 17th
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One

Ubisoft and Virtuous have teamed up to bring Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed Revelations to the latest generation of consoles. While the mutliplayer modes aren’t included, every piece of downloadable content thus far will be as well.

James said: “I am a huge Assassin’s Creed fan but I am beginning to tire of the “open world” gameplay loop that so many of these games employ. While I’m not truly looking forward to this game, I am interested to see just how much effort the developers will put into this remaster – the bar has been set high by previous remasters this generation.

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Release Date: Friday, November 18th
 Nintendo 3DS

Another brand new generation of Pokemon, along with some remixes of some favourites and an exotic new locations brings a lot of promise to a long running series. With heavy rumours indicating a massive shake-up in the game’s structure, Sun and Moon looks to appeal to fans new and old.

Seamus said:Never have I ever been so excited to play a new Pokémon game, with not only new Pokémon, but new versions of original monsters we have come to love over the years, and plenty of other changes to the formula, which look set to make this one of the most unique and distinct Pokémon generations in years.

Steven said:The recent demo showed off how the game feels way more dynamic than past entries. World traversal is more open, you can rent Pokemon to do things you needed an HM for previously, environment design feels more free-form. Could be a great last hurrah for the 3DS.

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Release Date: Tuesday, November 29th
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One

A game that began as Versus XIII and slowly became the Final Fantasy game we’re seeing today. In development for over a decade, it’s hard to believe it’s finally releasing. Promising a fast paced combat system, a truly open world to explore and some stunning visuals, Final Fantasy XV looks to right all the wrongs that it’s predecessor set before it.

Steven said: Final Fantasy has been through some troubles, especially with recent entries. XV looks to throw away the shackles of a traditional JRPG to try and forge it’s own identity and I’m keen to see exactly what that means in the final game.

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