5 Helpful Tips To Conquer Ghost Recon Wildlands

The beauty of Ghost Recon Wildlands is there are a multitude or a approaches you can take to any conflict. How you take down a target, retrieve intel or rescue a hostage is entirely up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it, but there’s definitely a good and bad way to conduct an operation. So, if you want to run a smooth op each and every time, here’s five helpful tips in dismantling the Santa Blanca cartel and liberate Bolivia.

Be stealthy

Your enemies are not to be underestimated. Draw attention to yourself and they will not hold back in trying to kill you. If you’re not careful, going in guns blazing can quickly leave you surrounded with a convoy of reinforcements inbound and helicopters bearing down. Try to stick the shadows, take the long way round and always keep a suppressed weapon handy to run into trouble a lot less frequently.

Use the drone

If you’re doing this stealthy – which you ought to be if you’ve paid any attention to my tips so far – it pays to know where your enemies are. Your binoculars can be useful – especially when they use signal jammers – but always use your drone when you can. With a few upgrades, you can fly it over an impressive range for some time, tagging targets and even delivering execution commands for your squad. You can complete a mission if you like from the comfort of a nearby bush.

Prepare your exit

In case things go badly, you’ll want to move fast. Often you can get away with sprinting to the objective, grabbing what you need or killing who you need, and making a hasty exit. In order to get away with that however, you’ll need a vehicle handy. The rebels will allow you to call one in, but if you can have a helicopter, a quick sedan or a dune buggy perched a short jaunt away, it’ll greatly increase your chance of survival. Dune buggies can be a little tricky to find, but can easily navigate rough terrain if you want to throw yourself off a cliff face during an escape.

Be prepared

Different occasions require different approaches. If there are lot of civilians around, don’t carry a weapon to draw less attention to yourself. If you’ve got the high ground, equip a sniper rifle. If you need to defend an area, equip an LMG, place mines on the surrounding roads and use vehicles to block entrance ways. Need to blow things up, level you your C4 in the items skill-tree so you can plant multiple charges and enjoy the explosions from outside the danger zone.

Do side-missions regularly

Beside breaking up the monotony of story missions a little, side-missions can score you some extra, super useful, goodies. Completing them, whether they be stopping a convoy or stealing an aeroplane, rewards you with loads of resources — more than you usually find lying around. Use these resources to upgrade your character, squad and rebel commands. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for weapon modes around side-mission locations too; they’re often in similar locations.

Follow those tips and you shouldn’t have much trouble tracking down El Sueno and toppling his drug empire. If it’s a review you’re looking for, check it out here.