8 Games We Want Nintendo To Announce At E3

POkemon-StarsToo soon? Pokémon fans have been waiting for a mainline Pokémon game on a home console for years and years. We thought it was finally time earlier this week when Nintendo announced a Pokémon Direct on the week of E3 but it wasn’t to be, confirming that Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be coming to the 3DS this year. We’re not losing hope yet. It could be very clever of Nintendo to get us when we’re at our most doubtful and announce that a Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon Sun/Moon is on the way. The likelihood of it releasing this year probably isn’t a high, but an announcement would be more than enough now.MARIO-PARTYThere’s so many titles that you just know are going to come to the Nintendo Switch eventually and it’s all about timing, and I think that relasing a Mario Party game early on in a console’s life is a good idea. A new Mario Party game would be a great way to showcase the unique features of the Nintendo Switch and it’d lend itself incredibly to the Switch’s ability to go anywhere (with the Joy-Con).METROID-PRIMEAfter putting up with Metroid Prime Federation Force on the Nintendo 3DS, we believe that it’s finally time that Nintendo at least gives us some form of a glimmer of a hope that a proper Metroid game is coming to Nintendo Switch. The Metroid Prime trilogy are three of the best games in existence and it’s the kind of hardcore game that Nintendo needs on the Switch. We’re not asking for much, Nintendo. Just make it happen.ANIMAL-CROSSINGJust another game that would fit perfectly on the Switch. Not only would so many people get utterly addicted to an Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch, it’d be great to see how the game’s beautiful art style would make the transition to HD. We know that an Animal Crossing mobile game is on the way, so it would be great to that be a companion to the main event on Nintendo Switch.SUPER-SMASH-BROSIf there’s one Wii U game that needs to be ported to the Nintendo Switch it is Super Smash Bros from the Wii U/3DS. Gamers would absolutely eat this up (as they did with Mario Kart 8). We’d be completely fine with Nintendo adding only one or two characters and largely leaving a lot of the content as it is. We’re worried that if an announcement isn’t made at E3, then we’ll be waiting quite a while for the next Smash Bros game as it’ll be clear that Nintendo won’t be porting this version to the Wii U.SUPER-MARIO-64You might think we’re crazy with the upcoming release of Super Mario Odyssey but we’re longing for a HD remake of this incredible game. It’s an absolute masterpiece and changed the gaming industry forever, and we got the revamped DS version 10 years ago, but it’s time to give it the attention it deserves and serve it to an entire new audience.DONKEY-KONG-COUNTRYWhenever I mention that Nintendo has a new console out to non-gamers, they always ask me if Donkey Kong Country still exists. It’s a game that resonates with so many people. I think it’s time to let Retro Studios work on something else and hand Donkey Kong Country to another developer and let them breathe some fresh air into the series. Honestly, we’d even appreciate a remake of 1, 2 and 3 ALA the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.GAMECUBE-VCIt was expected that this would be revealed alongside the Nintendo Switch after all the rumours, but it’s going to huge when Nintendo finally announce this and E3 definitely feels like the right time. The Game Cube had a stellar lineup of games, but the console didn’t sell all that well which means that a lot of Nintendo gamers didn’t get a chance to experience it.

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