Everything Announced At The Game Awards 2020

2020 has been a year hasn’t it? A true year. Well it’s time to wrap that year up with The Game Awards once more. Let’s get into the announcements!

This wrap includes the pre-show and the show so strap in for all the announcements.

The Initiative’s Top Secret Game Is Perfect Dark

It looks bloody great and I won’t have anyone saying otherwise. Hold me.

Final Fantasy’s Sephiroth Was Announced For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The big bad from Final Fantasy 7 joins the fun.

The Next Dragon Age Is Looking Spicy Too

While it’s a while away, the trailer does look like what you’d expect but I’m excited anyway.

Ark II Was Announced But It Also Stars Vin Diesel

God who knows what is going on at this point but you’ve got to give it to Vin for finding a way into the show every year.

Returnal Got A Release Date And A Nice Gameplay Trailer

It has the frantic action we’ve come to expect from Housemarque and it’s out in March.

And The Show Closed With A Look At The New Mass Effect

We don’t see much but is that Liara? Iconic.

Loop Hero Was Announced From Devolver Digital

It’s a cute but ominous dungeon crawler with building, dungeon crawling and battles. What more could you want?

Tchia Is A Whimsical Game Inspired By New Caledonia

It’s a bit Breath of the Wild looking but that’s hardly a bad thing. A super cute adventure from an exciting new team.

Sea of Solitude Is Also Coming To Nintendo Switch, But As A Director’s Cut

I never played it myself but James-favourite Brodie gave it some mild praise in his review.

Shady Part Of Me Is Available Right Now

People call me shady sometimes but this is an artistic journey narrated by Hannah Murray of Game of Thrones and Skins-fame.

We Got Our First Proper Look At Gameplay Of The Nier Remake

It looks authentic as ever to the original game – though the combat does look tighter and faster which was a much-needed improvement.

Century: Age Of Ashes Has Dragons And It’s Coming In February 2021

This is the LAIR follow-up we’ve all been waiting for honestly. It’s PC only at this stage, and there’s a beta too.

The Left 4 Dead Developers Are Basically Making Another One But It’s Called Back 4 Blood

It’s honestly about time we got to see more of this game, which is coming in the middle of next year.

We Got More Of A Look At The Snowy Shooter Scavengers

It looks a little bit Lost Planet and there’s a closed beta happening right now.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Is A Multiplayer Pillage And Conquering Experience

Imagine if Assassin’s Creed Valhalla had a multiplayer mode……that’s the vibe I’m getting. It’s a medieval heist game.

We Got Our First Look At The Callisto Protocol, From The Dead Space Creator

It’s got a pretty bleak and futuristic setting along with some gross fleshy monsters. What more could you want from a horror game honestly? It comes in 2022.

The First Gameplay For Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Was Shown

Wowhammer more like it.

Open Roads Is A The Next Game From The Creators Of Gone Home and Tacoma

It stars Keri Russell and Kaitlyn Dever as a mother-daughter duo. It looks wholesome but I’m ready for it to get intense.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut Was Revealed And Is Coming To Consoles Too

It features new quests and is a free upgrade to all players. It’s coming to PS4 and PS5 too, so now I’ll actually play it.

Endless Dungeon Was Revealed And It Looks Cute

It’s a rogue-lite, tactical action game.

There Was A Lengthy Trailer For Crimson Desert Too

It’s an open-world fantasy adventure from the makers of Black Desert. Personally I’m waiting for Pink Desert.

The Swedish Chef (As In, The Muppet) Is Now Available In Overcooked

Honestly, this is the announcement I woke up early for.

Classic Unreal Tournament Weapons Are Coming To Warframe

But not a new Unreal, sadly.

Another Season Of Call Of Duty: Warzone Is Coming December 16

Get ready to free up space on your hard drives – it’s the first season for Cold War.

Season Is A Charming Road Trip Game

The game has you playing as a woman from a secluded community in what the team is describing as “a bicycle road trip game”. Mark Ronson is pleased.

Ark: The Animated Series Was Also Announced

It’s coming in 2022 and features a huge cast – and will probably tie into Ark II given that Vin Diesel is also in it.

Fall Guys Season 3 Goes Full Speed Ahead With It’s Christmas Themed Season

Frank Sinatra covers, snow, and frozen princesses. What more could you want?

We Got Our First Look At Elite Dangerous Odyssey

The expansion is the first in Elite Dangerous history to let you explore on-foot and more or less turns Elite Dangerous into a spacey shooter. It’s due early 2021.

F.I.S.T. Has You Fighting As An Aggressive Bunny

It looks wild and is described as a Metroidvania style action game.

Evil Dead: The Game Was Announced

It’s coming to pretty much every platform and looks as bloody as you’d expect.

Ghost N’ Goblins Resurrection Brings Back The Classic SNES Game

The game features a brand new art style and releases in February 2021.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Finally Coming To Xbox

It looks to be skipping the Xbox One, coming to the “all-new Xbox” mid 2021.

Super Meat Boy Forever Hits Just Before Christmas

Who doesn’t want bloody flesh for Christmas honestly.

Road 96 Is A Synthy Procedural Road Trip

It’s from the creators of Valiant Hearts.

The Dedication To Co-Op Keeps Continuing With It Takes Two, Out In March

The game is the next from the creators of Brothers and the sleeper hit A Way Out. As before, it needs to be played co-op and buying a copy gets your friend a copy too.

Yet Another Elder Scrolls Online Expansion Returns To Oblivion This Time

There were sleeping lizards and a woman with Tom Riddle’s diary or something. Wow.

Another Trailer For Oddworld Soulstorm Revealed The Release Window

The game is a remake of the second game and is presently exclusive to Playstation.

The New Among Us Map Takes You To The Sky

Seems suss but great nonetheless.

A Whole Bunch Of Halo Stuff Is Coming To Fortnite

Red Vs. Blue, Master Chief and Blood Gulch are all coming to Fortnite.

Daryl Dixon and Michonne Are Also Coming To Fornite

So Daryl Dixon can now shoot at Kratos while riding a Warthog wow.

Yakuza 3, 4, 5 and 6 Are All Coming To Xbox

Even better, they’ll be on Game Pass too.

We Got Our First Proper Look At Ruined King: A League of Legend Story

It’s the first-ever single-player, console game from the League of Legends team.

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