All Of The Xbox Games Showcase 2024 Announcements

2024 Isn't 20-20-Snore It Seems

Another night, another showcase. Following some pretty packed but relatively quiet presentations from both Sony and Geoff Keighley earlier this week, it was up to Xbox to start this week off right.

Did they deliver? I’m not sure yet, I’m writing this before everything begins, but let’s see where we end up by the end of this.

Hopefully Perfect Dark shows up. Wouldn’t that be nice? Or even Banjo. Please. It’s 1AM. Give a man some joy in his life.

Anyway, here’s all the announcements from Xbox’s showcase.


We FINALLY Saw Some Decent Footage Of The Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake

While it’s still lacking that hazy look of the original, this is looking much MUCH better than previously. This is one of the best games ever, so you all owe yourselves to play it. Especially you, Ewan. Unfortunately, no release date was announced. So it’s probably 2025.

The First Footage Of Perfect Dark Was Shown And It’s Looking Better Than I Expected

The game is looking mighty fine and sees Joanna trying to rescue Carrington in a village. There’s lots of tech and all the great things you’d expect to see in a great spy-fi setting. It hasn’t been dated yet, but let’s hope it’s coming in 2025. (It’s probably not).

We Got A Proper And Longer Look At The New Fable And It’s Looking Authentic

The game looks to be capturing the essence of the original games, which is a bit of a relief. It’s releasing in 2025 and will be available on Game Pass at launch.

A Brand New DOOM Game Was Announced And It’s Going Medieval

I’m genuinely not sure how they’re going to top the sheer amount of variety in the encounters of Doom Eternal, but it’s looking like a might fine romp through the medieval ages. Doomguy even gets a snazzy new shield and a mace. What more could you want? It’s called DOOM: The Dark Ages and it’s releasing in 2025. Platforms weren’t confirmed, but it is coming to Game Pass on release.

The Show Opened With A Trailer And Release Date For The New Call Of Duty Campaign

The trailer featured Bill Clinton and The Prodigy—not two things I thought I’d ever see together. I’m not sure why they opened with this when they had a separate presentation for it soon after, but oh well. It’s looking very dynamic, as always. It’s due out on October 25th and, as previously revealed, will be available on Game Pass on the first day.

We Finally Got A Proper Look At State Of Decay 3 And It’s Very Different To The Other Games

The game looks to have received an upgrade in both scope and scale when compared o the first two State of Decay games and will continue to focus on the human experience and survivorship of those left behind during an apocalypse. Hopefully it moves the series forward. It also wasn’t dated, but it’s coming to Game Pass on release.

EA Teased Our First Look At The Companions You’ll Get To Travel With In The New Dragon Age

It’s looking much better than I expected, if a bit more stylised than the previous Dragon Age games. The game was recently renamed from Dreadwolf to Veilguard and we are still due for a gameplay reveal later this week. It’s out in the third quarter of 2024.

The First Starfield Expansion Already Looks Infinitely More Interesting Than The Game Itself

That art direction is something else and actually feels like an alien world. If you’d forgotten, it’s called Shattered Space, and it’s coming later this year. There’s also new content hitting the game tonight, if that’s your thing.

Yet Another Fallout 76 Update Is Coming If You’re Still Playing It

The new map is a brand new region of Appalachia. You’ll be able to play as a Ghoul soon too. As I’ve always wanted to. It’s out on June 12th.

A Really Unique Looking Fantasy RPG Was Shown From A Brand New Team

The game features a unique battle system that looks to blur the line between real-time and turn-based. And it’s gorey. Love that! It’s called Expedition 33 and it’s out in 2025. It’s also coming to Game Pass on release.

Compulsion Games Rocked Up To Show Us The First Gameplay Of South Of Midnight

The game uses a hyper-stylised, stop-motion look and sees our protagonist Hazel talking to a giant talking catfish in a bayou in a Southern Gothic world. It’s got an immense amount of style, but hopefully, it plays a bit better than Compulsion’s previous game >_>. It’s out in 2025. As expected, it’s on Game Pass too.

Blizzard Showed Us A Flashy CG Trailer For The Next World Of Warcraft Expansion

Elves and shit are cool I think. 26th August 2024. PC only, still.

The Next Content Drop For Sea Of Thieves Was Detailed And Now You Can Be A Meanie To Other Pirates

It’s a good day if you like skeletons with glowing eyes. The new update allows you to officially become a villain and not just do it on the sly anymore. It’s hitting on July 25th.

We Got A Better Look At Flintlock And A Release Date Announcement

The game was previously shown at the 2022 Xbox Showcase and is described as a “souls-lite”, which means….well…I don’t know. It’s out on the 18th of July and while it’s coming to all platforms, it’s launching on Game Pass.

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Age Of Mythologies Is Getting A Redux And It’s Looking Fine

It’s a remake of Age Of Mythologies. It’s coming to Game Pass for PC on September 4th.

An Intro Cinematic From The Diablo IV Expansion Was Shown Off

I’m happy for you if you’re a Diablo fan. It’s out on October 8th.

Yet Another 5v5 Shooter Is On The Way If That’s Your Thing

This one is called Fragpunk. Maybe soon there will be enough 5v5 shooters that we can eventually make a game where each of the games can fight against each other in a 5v5 match. It’s out in 2025.

A Cosy Game With A Rat Is Also Coming If That Is Also Your Thing

The music and the art style is super cute. It’s not for me, as you’ve probably guessed, but I like the vibe. Squeak squeak. It’s called Winter Burrow and it’s out in early 2025. And on Game Pass.

A Hipster Bait Game Called Mixtape Was Shown

It’s honestly got the perfect sense of ~~vibes~~ and I think it’ll be fun honestly. It’s out in 2025 and is coming to Game Pass.

A New Flight Simulator Expansion Is Coming If You Want To Escape From The Horrors Of The Real World Again

You can see the aurora borealis. And other stuff too. It’s called the 2024 update, imaginatively. And it’s out on November 19th.

A New Flight Simulator Expansion Is Coming If You Want To Escape From The Horrors Of The Real World Again

You can see the aurora borealis. And other stuff too. It’s called the 2024 update, imaginatively. And it’s out on November 19th.

Elder Scrolls Online Has Been Around For A While Now So You Can Celebrate That If You Want

A majority of the DLC will be free for a bit too. Wow. 10 years. That’s a long time. And lots of expansions. Well done.

Max Caulfield Is Making A Return In An Unexpected Way In A New Life Is Strange Game

It’s a continuation of Max’s story from the original Life Is Strange. She’s solving murders now? Very dynamic and unexpected. It’s out on October 29th 2024 but it will be episodic.

We Got An Even Longer Look At The New Indiana Jones Game With The Simple Name

The game features Troy Baker imitating Harrison Ford as they go on a jetsetting adventure around the world. We also got to see some snowy gameplay, which is cool. Literally. lol.  It’s out this year. And on Game Pass.

Some Intense As All Hell Mech Battle Game Got A Look In

You can play as mechs you can customise which also turn into like harrier jets and stuff. This is the type of things you’d say “hell yeah” at, or however that meme goes. It’s not for me but it does look pretty fricking intense so maybe I’ll give it a shot. See how I’ve come around to it already? It’s called Mecha Break and it’s out in 2025, but there is a beta running in August 2024.

Yet Another Action RPG With A Girl Fighting Grotesque Demonic Enemies Was Shown

I’m not sure about this one, but the enemy designs seem cool. It’s called Wuchang Fallen Feathers and it’s out in 2025. It’s also on Game Pass.

Avowed Got A Gameplay Trailer But Still No Release Date Which Personally Perturbs Me

It’s looking better and better with every showing, but I can’t help but feel we should have a date by now. It’s still on track for 2024 and it’s out on Game Pass too.

Rebellion Is Turning The Horrors Of Being British Into A Videogame, Kind Of

It’s a survival game set in a post-apocalyptic Britain from the team who brought us Strange Brigade and all those Zombie Army Trilogy games. It’s called Atomfall. It’s out in 2025.

Ubisoft Teased Us With A Little Bit Of Assassin’s Creed Shadows Gameplay

It’s looking great and is certainly carving out it’s own niche amongst all of these Asia-inspired action RPGs. Those black and white takedowns look amazing too. It’s still due in November later this year. You’ll probably be able to see more of it at the Ubisoft Forward tomorrow.

A Nice Chunk Of STALKER 2 Gameplay Was Shown Off And A Release Date Was Finally Revealed

This is really one of those games you need to live in and lose yourself in, but it’s looking mighty fine at this point. It’s out on September 5th and it’s also on Game Pass.

A Whole Bunch Of New Xbox Series X and S Consoles Were Revealed

The console manufacturer revealed a digital 1TB Xbox Series X, a special edition 2TB Galaxy Patterned Series X and a 1TB white Series S.

The Show Was Closed With A Sneak Peek At A Brand New Gears Of War (But It’s A Prequel)

Gears 5 was genuinely good, even if I’ve checked out of the story at this point. But the new game looks to be taking things to a more urban setting. It’s called Gears of War E-Day, but it wasn’t dated just yet.