Is Batgirl The Next DLC Character For Injustice?

Batgirl has been spotted in the Xbox live injustice marketplace. A post by “Sflip” via states that Batgirl was seen available to purchase via the in game store and on the Xbox market place.

Although it remains to be announced officially as with a release date by NetherRealm studios this is almost certain evidence that Batgirl will be joining the Injustice roster.

Batman’s flashpoint skin has also been advertised (via the official Injustice twitter account) for free with the Injustice comparability pack available may 7th.

Batgirl may certainly be the second of four dlc characters for Injustice. What remains still to be seen is who are the other two?

What are your thoughts are you happy with another batarang thrower or are you the players looking for more variety that isn’t making this “Injusice: Batman and friends”? Sound of in the comments below!