PS2 Classic “Manhunt” Hits PSN Next Week

Via Rockstar Games official twitter account they have today announced that their controversial PS2, stealth based psychological horror “Manhunt” will be hitting the PSN next week when it updates.

For those of you who don’t remember Manhunt it was released late 2003 for PS2 it was well received with higher than average scores from various reviewers but did release to much controversy over the game play itself by not only various countries but also the team at Rockstar themselves, given the graphic nature of the killing scenes which were considered to up close and very graphic for gaming participants.

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You will play as James Earl Cash a supposedly executed death row inmate who awakens to be forced to participate in the filming of underground snuff (murder) films for a mysterious voice known as “The Director” with the promise of his freedom should he comply.

Although no official price was revealed along with the tweet. Going off the PSN their PS2 classic are roughly around $15.