No Man’s Sky Dev Settles Legal Battle Over Name

Trademarks are crazy things sometimes. Companies have tried to trademark whatever they can to make it their own and ‘unique’, but in some cases this can be downright ridiculous (anyone remember when Cadbury wanted a stranglehold over the colour purple?)

Now it seems after a three-year long battle against British telecommunications company Sky UK Limited, there has been a settlement for the use of the word ‘Sky’ in their title. In the UK at least, it is apparent that the telecommunications company effectively ‘owns’ the word for licensing purposes.

Sean Murray of HelloGames tweeted about the settlement, also alerting followers to the fact that the same telecommunications company was the one to force MIcrosoft into changing their cloud service ‘Skydrive’ to the name ‘Onedrive’ instead.

Whether or not the company intends to trademark the ACTUAL sky is yet to be seen.

No Man’s Sky is set for release on August 9, 2016.

Additional source: PC Invasion