Getting Into The Australian Video Game Industry Is About To Become A Lot Easier

If you’re looking to get into the video game industry in Australia, you’ll be happy to hear that CG Spectrum College are going to be offering $500,000 in scholarships, from 2016-17.

The scholarships are part of a plan to give graduates a better chance of securing a career, and will centre around online diplomas. With the option of studying animation, concept art, visual effects, programming, 3D modelling and compositing.

A large part of the Melbourne college’s scholarship plan is to drive diversity within the industry, by giving half the scholarships to female applicants and to underrepresented populations

“We don’t see this as token diversity. We want to see those places filled, and we’re willing to tweak the programme to suit the needs of the communities who want to apply,” said Jeff Pepper, co founder and Head of the School.

CG Spectrum also see it as a huge opportunity for rural applicants, as the courses relevant to the scholarship are offered online.

Certain students will receive paid internships at local award winning video game studios, including Melbourne based developers League of Geeks. The devs behind the indie hit Armello, will offering three six month placements as part of the scholarships program.

Jeff Pepper believes the internships are a crucial part of the program. “There is a lot of abuse going on in the internship space at the moment, and we’re proud to partner with studios that actively go against that,” said Jeff Pepper, co-founder and Head of School.

You can apply for the scholarships right now, however the deadline is the 14th of December, with another round of applications set to be available around the middle of next year.