Hollow Knight Makes The Switch As A Release Date Nears

Team Cherry have announced today their highly anticipated flagship title Hollow Knight, will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch.

The announcement came way of Team Cherry’s first major update of 2017 on their development blog, which also features new information on translations, testing and nearing release dates

Although this announcement comes with all too familiar cancellation. The Wii U version, which had originally been a stretch goal reached in Team Cherry’s Kickstarter campaign, has been cancelled.

The Adelaide developed Hollow Knight makes the Switch.

In a similar announcement to the cancellation of the Wii U version for Yooka-Laylee, the Adelaide based Team Cherry was hampered by several technical challenges, when developing for Nintendo’s platform. In the end, they felt the quality of difference would leave Wii U players with a lesser version of the game compared to PC users.

In regards to the other big question on Hollow Knight fan’s lips, when is it releasing? Short answer, soon.

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Hollow Knight will release initially on Windows, with the aim for a simultaneous release on Mac too. With a Linux release set for the weeks following the launch on PC and Mac. While Team Cherry have said they are aiming to release the Switch version “not too long”, after the launch of Nintendo’s hybrid handheld-console.

Along with these updates, they also announced that Hollow Knight will feature an astonishing 149 unique enemies. Which, coming from a team of just three people, is damn impressive. It contains even more than the prolific and well known Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which Team Cherry consider the figurehead of the whole side scrolling genre.

Hollow Knight has an astonishingly 149 unique enemies. All from a three person team.
Hollow Knight has an astonishingly 149 unique enemies. All from a three person team.

Team Cherry go into more detail about them nearing the end of Hollow Knight’s development in their blog post, with translations well on the way, and testing in full throttle, which you can read more about on their development blog.