Channel 7 tonight ran a story about an Australian GTA V mod created by “underground computer geeks” that brings Australian emergency services such as police vehicles, police officers and fire engines into the PC version of the game.

Troy Grant, the NSW Police Minister claimed that this mod was offensive due to the fact that games like this desensitise people against what police officers actually face on a day to day basis.

It was also stated in the report that NSW Police plan to take action on the creators of the mod.

You can watch the full video below.

  • Dave

    Oh no, somebody hurt the cross-eyed cops feelings. Call for backup.

  • Brian W

    Being offended does nothing to you. So what your offended… I’m offended that your so easily offended…. Any better? No. Buck up… There are so many better things to be offended by…. People travel to 3rd world countries to pay to have sex with minors… Be offended by that.

  • Michael Justin Sharp

    I want to have a huge rant about this on my YouTube Channel.

  • Tim Woo

    Get your facts checked. The mod allows players to be the police and enforce the law.. pull over cars.. rego checks.. arrest criminals etc.. once again dont let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  • Hentaifox Knight

    the mod was made last year and now there offended
    a bit late dont you think i find that suspicious

  • Hentaifox Knight

    so no one cares when cops shoot you down in gta5
    but when your a cop shooting down people
    all of a sudden its offensive and on the news

  • Mark Laurence Piggott

    “NSW Police plan to take action against the game’s designers.”
    BAHAHAHA How stupid are NSW Police? Going to waste tax payers money on a lawsuit that will be immediately thrown out of court. Rockstar is in no way responsible;e for community content

    • Adam Lincoln Betmalik

      Judging from how well GTA 5 sold I think the nsw police force would have troubles taking any action… Especially legal action

  • Micky Bill Wilson

    It’s funny when you get people that clearly aren’t gamers talking about things they have no clue about. Morons.

  • Adam Lincoln Betmalik

    Good luck doing anything about this haha… Australia is fucked… Instead of the Australian defense force fortifying their encryption systems they attempt to make the learning and teaching of encryption illegal… Censorship of art is bad enough but censoring/ restricting the public access to information is corrupt as!! What will the police do when rockstar finally make an ozzy gta? Ban it here hahaha good luck being petty and pedantic… Good to see the cops have their minds on the important shit…

  • Adam Lincoln Betmalik

    How is this news in comparison to the pizzagate wiki leaks…. We have a global pedophile ring being uncovered and our news can only talk about GTA 5…

  • Adam Lincoln Betmalik

    Who pays these cunts to write this junk?

  • Richard Cheese

    Police are morons. The NSW police force moreso than most. Troy Grant sounds like the grand moron of the bunch. Do your fucking job and stop worrying about a fucking video game.