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Metal Gear Survive Charges You For Extra Character Slots

In the least surprising news of the week, Konami’s latest iteration of the Metal Gear franchise, Metal Gear Survive, has its own microtransactions that range from run of the mill to just plain obnoxious.

The worst of the lot sees Konami charging players Survive’s in-game currency for the simple privilege of having extra character slots.

An extra character slot will cost gamers 1,000 SV points, which is a currency that can only be picked up by exchanging cold hard cash and daily log-in bonuses at this stage. SV points can be bought in a variety of allotments.

  • 100 SV Coins — $1.35
  • 550 SV Coins — $7.95
  • 1,150 SV Coins — $15.40
  • 3,500 SV Coins – $47.20
  • 6,000 SV Coins – $77.70

So as you can see, unlocking even an extra character slot will cost you somewhere in the vicinity of $15.