Two More Games Have Been Banned In Australia

Last week, DayZ was refused classification in Australia, and this pattern of Australia banning games that don’t appear to be a problem anywhere else in the world doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon.

Kotaku Australia is reporting that two more games have been refused classification, due to post-game updates that the games are both set to receive. We Happy Few and Kingdom Come Deliverance have both had their classification changed to ‘Classification Refused’, which is a little odd considering they both came out a significant amount of time ago.

Kingdom Come Deliverance’s ban relates to its ‘A Woman’s Lot’ DLC which apparently has a mission about two hours into the game where sexual assault is heavily implied.

We Happy Few’s Lightbearer DLC is for a reason that we’re much more familiar with. The update brings the ability to heal by drinking whisky and taking a number of drugs that prove incentives. This has been a long-standing issue for the classification board.

You can read way more about both of these refusal of classifications on Kotaku.

It’s a weird day for the Australian Classification Board. With Hotline Miami: Collection releasing on Switch overnight, this one is actually available right now in Australia, despite the fact that Hotline Miami 2 is still banned in our country.