Here’s Doom And Skyrim Running On A Pregnancy Test

It’s pretty well documented at this point that DOOM can run on anything (even a Myki reader), but a pregnancy test was probably a little beyond anyone’s expectation.

There’s been a lot of fascinating insights going on over on Twitter about the tech inside of a digital pregnancy test, and naturally that quickly turned into Programmer, Foone getting DOOM running on one of them.

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Obviously, the game is unplayable on the tiny display, but it’s definitely DOOM running.

If that wasn’t enough for you, the intro to Skyrim was also running on one of the devices. I don’t think Skyrim is actually playable on the device, but just to see the incredibly recognisable intro playing, is a pretty damn incredible feat.

To thank Foone for his amazing efforts in getting Doom running on another unthinkable device, you can you can support Foone over on Patreon,