Someone Got DOOM Running On A Melbourne Myki Reader

DOOM truly can run on anything.

Somebody in the Melbourne and ItRunsDoom subreddits managed to hack a Melbourne Myki reader and get DOOM fully running. For those Aussies that don’t live in Melbourne, Myki is the system that we use to ‘tap on’ when getting onto any form of public transport.

Got Doom working on a ticket validator (myki)
byu/zbios initrunsdoom

You can view the video right HERE.

So many questions ran through my mind immediately. How did he get a Myki reader in his house? What is he using to control the game? Thankfully, he answered the questions the comments of the post.

“So I have this old ticket validator that runs Windows CE. Since there Is a Windows CE version of Chocolate Doom (Doom source port), I was able to simply extract the CAB file, rename the conents and copy it directly to the machine via its compact flash port. I am controlling the game via VNC since there are no USB ports on the validator.”

“So i’ve been getting alot of questions of how I obtained the validator. While I’m not willing to reveal where I got it from, I will say that I did not steal it!”