Blumhouse Games Just Announced Its First Six Games Including A New Sam Barlow Title

Hell yeah.

Summer Game Fest kicked off this morning for its 2024 run, and with it came a massive number of new game announcements, updates on existing and already-announced titles, some big surprises and some confirmations of previously-leaked reveals.

One of the coolest moments during the show was a whole montage of reveals from Blumhouse Games, the new publishing arm from a huge name in horror films. Blumhouse debuted a whole six titles, including a brand-new joint from the genius of Sam Barlow in collaboration with Brandon Cronenberg. Jason Blum said on stage that the company is focused on promoting unique, envelope-pushing indie experiences from various genre inspirations – and did also confirm that the second Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is in production right now.

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Here’s what was revealed: