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[Updated] A Heap Of Unannounced Games Have Leaked Via The Epic Games Store Including The Final Fantasy 9 Remake


Update 5:55PM – After its database was seemingly scraped for a number of unannounced game projects, Epic has issued a statement via email to confirm that it’s since released an update that will prevent third-party tools like EpicDB from continuing to unearth yet-to-be published games.

“We released an update tonight so third-party tools can’t surface any new unpublished product titles from the Epic Games Store catalog,” the company told Press Start.

At the time of writing, the offending EpicDB webpage now looks to be down completely.

Original Story: It looks like a whole bunch of as-yet-unannounced PC titles may have just leaked thanks to the Epic Games Store’s database, thanks to a new web tool that’s essentially the EGS equivalent of SteamDB, scraping the storefront’s backend for listings and updates before they go live.

The discovery was shared by Resetera user, MondoMega, who pointed out that it’s shockingly easy to just search up a publisher on this new database and see all of their titles listed including ones that are yet to be announced. Most of the future stuff is codenamed, so it’s hard to confirm exactly what is what, but there are some that are obvious or become obvious once you dig further. A good example is Square Enix Japan’s “Momo,” a game that is clearly the long-rumoured Final Fantasy IX Remake thanks to further file listings for this like a “Tetra Master Starter Pack” early purchase bonus and “Thief’s Knives” pre-order bonus.

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Now there are some red flags here, notably that it seems a bunch of obviously fake or dud listings have somehow been published since this database went public, so most things dated around June9/10 and onward (like “Bloodborne Remake”) can be ignored.

Final Fantasy IX’s listing though, looks to have been created back in 2022 but has updates as recently as last week, including additions like a digital soundtrack and some other DLC, which makes it seem like it’s quite close to launch. Another SE listing is Final Fantasy XVI’s PC version, codenamed “Skobeloff” but containing multiple references within to the game.

Other juicy tidbits include Sony titles codenamed “Utah” (which looks to be The Last of Us Part II), “Kondo” and “RhodeIsland,” along with titles like Turok, and references to Oblivion and Morrowind listed under Bethesda.

You can visit and verify the database and these listings right here. It’s a pretty big deal for all of this to come out in this fashion, and it’s hard to believe the more long-standing entries could be elaborate fakes or prank. Presumably Epic wasn’t anticipating the creation of a database like this, and no doubt it’ll be scrambling to plug the leaks that have cropped up as a result.

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