disney lorcana shimmering skies

Disney Lorcana’s Shimmering Skies Set Is Out In August And Australia Gets It Day One

Time to get Wrecked!

Ravensburger and Disney have announced the release of the fifth big Disney Lorcana TCG set, dubbed Shimmer Skies, which is set to launch on August 9th in local game stores, followed by a wider retail release on August 23rd.

Excitingly, after Lorcana first launched in 2023 and then finally arrived on Aussie shores just recently, Shimmering Skies will be the first time a set debuts here in Australia at the same time as other global regions

Shimmering Skies will add exciting new Disney characters to the line-up along with new and evolved game mechanics, as well as adding to the overarching narrative of the game, which Aussie players are yet to see play out across the third and fourth sets. The set will feature characters from Wreck-It Ralph introduced, such as Vanellope von Schweetz and Fix-it Felix Jr, and the new mechanics will similarly draw from an electrified theme.

The set will feature two starter decks, booster packs and a new “Illumineer’s Trove,” and launching at the same time will be a heap of new accessories and the Disney Lorcana Gateway – a new product designed to help players of all ages and skill levels learn to build decks and play the game together. Here’s what’s coming:

Disney Lorcana: Shimmering Skies Australia/NZ Pricing

  • Starter decks (Emerald/Steel or Amethyst/Ruby) – AU$29.99/NZ$32.99,
  • Booster packs – AU$9.99/NZ$10.99
  • Illumineer’s Trove – AU$99.99/NZ$109.99
  • Disney Lorcana Gateway –
  • Playmats (Mirabel/“Accomplished Mystic” Belle) – AU$35.99/NZ$39.99
  • New 9-pocket portfolio – AU$35.99/NZ$39.99
  • Card sleeves – AU$17.99/NZ$19.99
  • Deck boxes – AU$10.99/NZ$11.99

Lastly, there will be a special-edition foil version of one of the new Shimmering Skies cards featuring Prince John, available inside copies of the board game, Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil, which is returning after an initial launch as part of Disney100, now with a reduced price point, beginner-friendly video resources and “remastered” gameplay that the Ravensburger team says it’s worked on based off of fan feedback. The card will be exclusive to the game, and punters will be able to recognise its inclusion thanks to a sticker displayed on the box.