Nintendo Won’t Make The Same Obvious Mistakes With Nintendo NX

Nintendo of America’s President Reggie Fils-Aime has discussed the future of Nintendo with Alistdaily. During the interview, Fil-Aime admitted to some obvious shortcomings of Nintendo consoles in recent years. He went on to say that in order for the Nintendo NX to success, it will rely in Nintendo’s ability to correctly communicate the product and also keep software coming.

“One of the things that we have to do better when we launch the NX—we have to do a better job communicating the positioning for the product. We have to do a better job helping people to understand its uniqueness and what that means for the game playing experience. And we have to do a better job from a software planning standpoint to have that continuous beat of great new games that are motivating more and more people to pick up the hardware and more and more people to pick up the software. Those are the critical lessons. And as I verbalize them, they’re really traditional lessons within the industry. You have to make sure people understand the concept, you have to make sure you’ve got a great library of games, and when you do that, you tend to do well.” Fils-Aime said.

It’s no secret that the problem with the Wii U started on day one when it was announced at E3. It was very unclear to the most hardcore of gamers let alone a casual gamer walking into a store. The marketing strategy behind the Wii was incredibly simple and spoke for itself, which Nintendo clearly relied on way too much with the Wii U.