The Reward For Finding All 900 Korok Seeds In Breath Of The Wild Is Pretty Shitty

As we’ve previously detailed, finding all 900 Korok Seeds is pretty bloody tough. You’ll find quite a few in your journey, but finding all 900 without some form of guide or hints is damn-near impossible.

For those that want to undertake the task, we’ve got a pretty helpful guide for you here.

One Breath of the Wild player has already managed to find all 900 and the reward for doing so is a little underwhelming.


Once you’ve found all 900 Korok Seeds, Hestu will gift you a gift which literally looks like a turd. The description reads “A Gift of friendship given to you by Hestu. It smells pretty bad”

Well, that’s that. It doesn’t appear to do anything specific or have any real impact on your game, but it’s a feat nonetheless.


[BoTW] [SPOILERS] I just collected all 900 Korok Seeds. This is the reward for collecting all of them. (SPOILERS AHEAD) from zelda



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