Telstra Is Working On Improving Online Gaming For Nintendo Switch And Other Portable Devices

Telstra has announced today that they’re working on a number of concepts within the gaming space.

Firstly, is an addition to their Xbox All Access service which allows gamers to get the Xbox One S and Xbox One X on a contract. Those that sign up from today will get a copy of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order for free. Telstra also announced that the Xbox One Elite Controller V2 would come to the service and allow gamers to get it on a contract.

In more interesting news though, Telstra said that they are working on some concepts for gamers that will allow portable gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch to be connected to the mobile network without affecting speeds or performance. It’s a bit of a weird one considering the Switch can’t connect to a mobile network natively, but we’re assuming that this is going to be when used with a mobile broadband service or tethered your phone.

“We have also been trialling low-latency concepts across the mobile network with gamers that enable a huge opportunity for portable gaming devices like Nintendo Switch to be connected over the mobile network without impacting online gamingperformance. The results so far are really promising, and we’re continuing to develop the concept for next year. This is critical when we think about coverage and consistency of experience across the mobile network, particularly as we head into cloud gaming where the demand from a bandwidth and latency perspective is key.”

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Telstra also said they’re working on making the network faster for things like cloud gaming and accessing Xbox content:

“We’re continuing to make our network faster for gamers too, building on the existing work we’ve done with Microsoft to make access to Xbox content even faster and more reliable. The work we teased late last year on creating a gaming optimised broadband product also isn’t too far away. We think it offers a real point of difference from customers that are purchasing additional gaming routers or gaming VPNs today in a way that’s simple and integrated into our Smart Modem.”