Nintendo Direct

An Online Adult Star Who Leaked E3’s Cancellation Says A Nintendo Direct With BOTW 2 & Metroid News Is Coming


This is such an unexpected story.

A day or two before E3 was officially cancelled (and even before Devolver’s Tweet which blew the whole thing opened), an online adult star Tweeted out that one of her clients said that E3 would be imminently cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Low and behold, a day or so later, the rumours started ramping up and E3 was cancelled.

Well now, this same person is saying that she’s got some upcoming Nintendo information from another one of her clients. Apparently, a Nintendo Direct is set to take place next week (this has been rumoured by the same insiders that said there would be an Indie Direct this week) with both Breath of the Wild 2 and a Metroid game featured.

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Obviously, this could be off the mark, but it was too funny not to share, given the fact that she literally did leak the fact that E3 was cancelled.