Razer’s New Laptop Uses Their Upcoming Phone To Power It

Razer has overnight announced Project Linda which is a 13.3 inch laptop that is powered by their upcoming based Android Razer Phones.

The laptop will seamlessly dock the Razer Phone inside the chassis (where you’d normally find the touchpad) and will use the phone’s 8gb of RAM to run the computer. You’ll also be able to use the phone as either a touchpad or a second screen.

The aluminium body of the Razer Project Linda has 200gb of storage, a 3.5mm audio jack, USB port, USBC port, 720p webcam and double mics. It has enough power to charge the phone three times over (essentially allowing the laptop to power).

A release date and price hasn’t been set for either of these devices yet. It’s actually quite a compelling concept but the price will need to low enough to justify buying two seperate devices.