Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid And Silent Hill Revivals Are On The Way From Konami

Following a company restructure, it appears that Konami could be getting back into video games after having spent several years building its reputation on Pachinko gambling games at the sacrifice of premium games development.

It’s been reported that Konami is expecting to launch revivals and remakes for some of its most storied franchises including Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Castlevania.

With Konami having kept away from Castlevania since 2014’s Lord of Shadows II, it’s expected the next Castlevania title will be a “reimagining” for the series. It’s being developed internally at Konami in Japan with assistance from external studios local to them.

Sources close to VGC suggest that a Metal Gear Solid remake is being worked on Virtuos. Of course, it’s been rumoured in the past that Bluepoint Games might be working on a reboot of the first Metal Gear Solid but after their acquisition by PlayStation which touted the fact they were working on original IP, the remake being handed to another developer has merit.

However, all signs are pointing to the remake being focused on Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater rather than the first game. Though VGC believes that Konami is intending to put out the original trilogy remastered for modern consoles.

Silent Hill is perhaps the most known quantity of Konami’s current IP. It’s been reported throughout the year that the series had been outsourced and is being worked on by the likes of Bloober Team.

Having pulled out of this year’s E3 2021 due to timing issues, Konami has stated they hope to reveal this slate of games next year, provided the pandemic doesn’t wreak further havoc on game development.