The PS4 5.50 Firmware Update Has A Lot Of Requested Features

A bunch of gamers on the PlayStation 4 Reddit are just getting their hands on the 5.50 firmware beta. So far there’s nothing too huge in the update outside of the PS4 Pro Supersampling mode that you can read about HERE. 

Unfortunately, the number one requested feature (changing nicknames) still isn’t included, but it’s a pretty nice update. It looks like Sony is tackling some smaller features that gamers have been requesting for months. It’s quite likely that Sony will keep adding features in the next few beta updates before we see the major release (expected in the next few months).

You can finally delete purchased games/content (demos, betas etc) out of our library. 

You can finally delete all notifications or just select certain ones to delete

You can setup teams based on games/interests and chat with that team, compete in tournaments or play in multiplayer. Super effective if you’ve got people that your team up with for certain games

Can’t forget about the brand new Supersampling mode that makes all games on PS4 Pro look better for those that don’t have 4K TVs.