Here’s Why Your Controller Is Vibrating Randomly In Fortnite

The latest Fortnite patch (3.4) brought us controlled rockets, a new sniper-only mode and much more, but one of the new features that we definitely didn’t ask for is the constant vibration that runs through your controller whilst playing the game. It’s been confirmed that this is a glitch, and isn’t happening to alert you that there’s an enemy nearby or that you’re completing a challenge.

It’s likely that this won’t be fixed until the next update, but there is a way for you to just turn this off all together.


You just need to head to the Settings from the main menu. Head to the Devices menu and then Controllers. You can then disable controller vibration for both Fortnite as well as other games by unchecking this option.

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Just head to Settings, then select Ease of Access. You then need to head to Controller options and you can set up each controller’s vibration separately. Choose the controller that you want to edit and then press Configure, Edit and then Vibration. You can then move the slider all the way down to turn vibration off.