God of War Has An Epic Avengers Infinity War Reference

Hidden away quietly in God of War is an interesting homage to their friends at Marvel in one of the more involved Talismans. Halfway through the game you come across the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages, an epic Talisman which only gives a cryptic hint at the power it activates.

Trawling through the many realms connected to Midgard you end up amassing a huge range of Enchantments. Once fully upgraded the Gauntlet ends up with 3 sockets and by taking hints from Avengers Infinity War you can mix up some extremely interesting results.

Listed below are the Enchantments that make the most sense matched to the Infinity Gems:

  • Mind Gem – Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind
  • Soul Gem – Andvari’s Soul
  • Space Gem – Eye of the Outer Realm
  • Power Gem – Muspelheim’s Eye of Power
  • Time Gem – Njord’s Temporal Stone
  • Reality Gem – Asgard’s Shard of Existence
  1. Um, this isn’t a “reference”…it’s merely a ripoff of an established idea. The only way they’re even getting away with it, is because Sony is now “in bed” with Disney/Marvel. If Spider-man was never included in the MCU, there’s no way in hell Insomniac would’ve gotten away with using the MCU Spidey costumes either.

    1. “there’s no way in hell Insomniac would’ve gotten away with using the MCU Spidey costumes”

      The costumes are in the game because Marvel is involved with the game’s development from the beginning you clutz lol, regardless of the existence of MCU Spiderman or not.

      1. to be fair he is half right, the game only exists as part of the deal between sony and marvel to allow marvel use of spiderman in their films (currently sony own those exclusive rights despite marvel owning the character). that said hes still an idiot.

    2. Not sure if it is a reference but your explanation is just incorrect.

      References can be done when contacting those who hold the rights and they allow it. It has nothing to do with being in bed with someone.

      Infamous Second Son has a Zelda reference where you can find an exact copy of the Master Sword somewhere. Are you gonna tell me now that Sony and Nintendo of all companies are in bed with each other? Or what about FF15 having an Assassins Creed event? You think Square Enix and Ubisoft are in bed with each other?

      They most of the time do it for fun and cause they are fans of the thing they reference That’s why no one really minds these and see it as a friendly nod.

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