God of War Has An Epic Avengers Infinity War Reference

Hidden away quietly in God of War is an interesting homage to their friends at Marvel in one of the more involved Talismans. Halfway through the game you come across the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages, an epic Talisman which only gives a cryptic hint at the power it activates.

Trawling through the many realms connected to Midgard you end up amassing a huge range of Enchantments. Once fully upgraded the Gauntlet ends up with 3 sockets and by taking hints from Avengers Infinity War you can mix up some extremely interesting results.

Listed below are the Enchantments that make the most sense matched to the Infinity Gems:

  • Mind Gem – Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind
  • Soul Gem – Andvari’s Soul
  • Space Gem – Eye of the Outer Realm
  • Power Gem – Muspelheim’s Eye of Power
  • Time Gem – Njord’s Temporal Stone
  • Reality Gem – Asgard’s Shard of Existence