Someone Literally Trashed A Gamestop Store Because They Couldn’t Return Fallout 76

A Gamestop store in North Carolina has been practically destroyed after a customer was unable to get a refund on his copy of Fallout 76.

The customer was calmly informed by the store attendee that he could only get store credit (for a trade in). Unlike EB Games here in Australia, Gamestop don’t have a return policy as they don’t like to take the loss on having to sell it used (after giving a full refund).

The customer then proceeded to smash games off shelving before literally tackling a shelving unit, destroying a bargain bin and continuing to cause carnage on his way out.

Another customer captured the aftermath of the store and uploaded footage to YouTube.

Some serious shout out to the shop attendant who stayed calm the entire time and continued to welcome customers into the store and answer the phone without showing any signs of stress throughout the ordeal.

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