Death Stranding Box Art Revealed Alongside A Character That Dies Every 21 Minutes

Hideo Kojima took to the stage at San Diego Comic Con to reveal not only the box art (regular and steel book) for the game, but also a bunch of information about one of the characters.

We got to learn about Heartman (played by Nicolas Winding Refn) in the last trailer revealed for the game, but it’s now been revealed that he’s quite an interesting character. Basically, his heart stops every 21 minutes, but when he dies, he can spend three minutes on the other side searching for his family before a device resurrects him. This means that he dies 60 times a day. We don’t know how he plays into the overall story, but it’s definitely

Refn apparently told Kojima that he should contact Keanu Reeves for the role, but obviously he went with his original choice.

Death Stranding releases exclusively for PS4 on November 8th.

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