Life Is Strange 2 Will Be Removed From Australian Stores Over A Rating Dispute

The Life Is Strange Twitter account has revealed that Life Is Strange 2 will be removed from all Australian digital storefronts from this Wednesday.

The removal of the game is due to the game needing to have its rating rectified. The publisher will work with the Australian Age Rating boards to ensure that this is rectified and the game is given the correct rating, before it’s placed back on the digital storefronts. This is set to take a few weeks. Whilst the game is removed, you won’t be about to purchase the game or re-download it if you own it.

It’s unclear exactly why the game needs to have its rating adjusted, but it’s speculated that it’s most likely due to the game having partial nudity in Episode 3. Currently, the game is rated M and marked as having ‘Coarse Language’ and ‘Violence’. It’s unclear if this request came from the Classification Board or the publisher has noted that the game doesn’t comply with Australian ratings on its own accord.