The Division 2 Will Be Supported With Seasonal Content For As Long As Players Want It

The Division 2’s first major expansion, Warlords of New York will be coming out on March 3rd. Ahead of the game’s release, we got to go hands-on and chat to Associate Creative Director, Yannick Bancherau, who revealed how the content strategy will change going forward and how they plan on continuing to support the game.

By far the biggest introduction from the expansion comes in the form of a seasonal endgame. Warlords of New York’s Seasons will will deliver the ongoing support to The Division 2 in the form of the iconic seasonal/battle pass mechanic we’ve come to know from the shooter genre that’s driven by community feedback and desires,

“Seasons is not just for us in terms of we’re creating mini campaigns and that’s it but also a mindset for us in terms of development that’s really a change where we’re going from one season to the next and trying to have something that’s a bit more agile so we can react to community feedback and go one way or another depending where the community wants us to go, so we’re really going to go one step at a time and go for as long as the players want us to keep going.” said Bancherau

Seasons will give players plenty to do, unlock and achieve with modes like Manhunt, where every season will introduce a new threat and require players to take them down, continuing and connecting to the narrative of The Division 2. Others to mention are Global Events with world and game changing modifiers, Leagues which will have you going head to head to see who comes out on top, as well as the 2nd Raid to hit the game – The Foundry, which will push players towards the ultimate showcase of teamwork. The Foundry will be accessible through levels 30 – 40 and available to players Autumn 2020.

As like any game you’ve seen with seasonal and battle pass elements, The Division 2 will allow players to level up over the 3 month period, unlocking rewards such as skill mods, gear and cosmetics as well as give the option to purchase a battle pass for even more unlockables.